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Enter a world of innocence and make believe. Close your eyes and remember that perfect child that lives in us all.

A very wise man once told me years ago that if I shared a memory or dream with a stranger and he, in turn, shared one with me that I've had made a friend. Look for what you have in common with your fellow man not what's different he said. After all, we are all sharing the same journey. 

So here I am sharing some of my memories and dreams with you. I hope they put a smile on your face and kindle a warm spot in your heart.  

Be sure to check out Stories 

From The Underworld for a look into  the lives of those you meet here and  for other stuff  


      New!!    Original Paintings!!   

Paintings and Air Plant Creations

New Live Air Plant Creations and Unique Paintings

Acrylic on Canvas Paintings. Prints are available and use the archival gisclee process which brings out stunning colors and protects for well over 100 years!!  Simply click on the painting description in the web store for more information



We build custom fairy gardens to our customer's specifications and all paintings are available in canvas wrap, acrylic, metal and as framed prints. We will also make custom accessories including fairy houses and figures and air plant holders. 

Home: Service


Bird houses on bird houses. Sure why not??



Fairy doors to mushrooms we make them all

New items are added every two to three days as my creative muse dictates and added to the product page below.


Mon - Fri: 10am-4pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Closed

Get in Touch Anytime.
Bellhop brings flowers to the newlyweds
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Hi, Joe here. What's on your mind today. Don't have the answers to any deep philosophical questions but I'm sure I can help with anything you see here. So get in touch I'd love to hear from you.

Naples, FL, USA


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Recommend vendors and websites 


Along the way on my fantasy journey I've been fortunate to come in contact with a bunch of folks who not only are passionate about what they do but are incredibly good at it. 
Best of all they gladly share their experience and knowledge.
So I thought it only right to show my gratitude by mentioning them here. I'm happy to say the list continues to grow and I'll be adding to this section  as time goes on. The list is shown in a random fashion. They are all super!! And while they are happy to see themselves listed here I don't receive anything back from them. Darn.. 

Forest Trees


Provider of the finest horticulture pumice available.

I have found pumice to be perhaps the very best planting medium for succulents and cactus. It is a natural product not only rich in minerals but also is fast draining which is critical in both these plant types. I use it along with perhaps 1/4 part good potting soil, some shredded pine bark or fines and the rest ( 3/4) pumice for my succulents ( avoid soils with peat moss due to it's ability to retain moisture). For cactus I use just 1/4 cactus mix and 3/4 pure pumice.       

Lexi and her brother Austin own and operate this pumice mining company in southern California.

They took an abandoned mine and created what many believe to be the best pumice products available. 

They have pumice from in sizes 1/8, 3/16 and 3/8 in size that is shipped in 15 lb. bags. And get this shipping is free!! So check out their website

And be sure to say hello from me when you talk to them.



Provider of over 650 varieties of succulents



While there are quite a few very good online suppliers of succulents out there this company in my experience provides the best plants, service and experience. Each plant has a detailed description and care instructions. And excellent photos. Their contact us section answers questions in great detail.
Their products arrive within two-three days and are always in perfect condition. And best of all they have succulents that will thrive (if cared for properly) just about anywhere.

After months of buying clay at big box 'craft' stores and becoming frustrated with dried out clay at very high prices and then buying directly from Sculpey where the clay was great the shipping was more than the clay costs I found the answer to my prayers. At less than half the price even with shipping!! They warehouses Sculpey clay in environmentally controlled warehouses. Keeping the clay cool is the secret. Sitting in trucks or warehouse's that are not kept cool starts the baking process and ruins the clay. This company ships with two day service with USPS to assure the clay arrives still soft and workable. They have a full line of clay's including Premo, medium blend, firm and souffle which are what I use. They carry all the other Sculpey clays as well but I find them too soft and not strong enough for my work. They have great customer service as well and are knowledgeable and helpful. A true five star company!!!! So if you gave up on using clay in your crafts it wasn't you. It was that dried up clay you've been getting from your local store!! So jump back into it.
Check out their website at

Air Plant City

As with all the folks above this company offers outstanding customer service. They back all their plants with a free replacement policy wherein if a plant is sickly  or your're not happy with it they will send another at no cost to you. It doesn't happen often but they back up their products which is refreshing in today's world. The plants I've received have all been beautiful and much larger than I expected. They have a great variety of of large, medium and small plants some of which depending on season will be in bloom. They also have great very specific advise on plant care that is spot on.

They ship priority mail so your shipment arrives quickly with minimum stress on the air plants. 

Their website is Of course these plants look great in my air plant holders too!!  

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