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Wood body bird house clad with multi colored stone. Cedar shake roof finished with a beautiful unique Thalo green acrylic paint. The entire peice is coated with a marine grade polyurthane with seal in the vivid colors and protectect from moisture. Can be used outdoors under an overhang or indoors as a beautiful decor piece. Outdoors it is designed for smaller birds such as wren and chickadees. The opening is in keeping with the Audubon Societys size guidelines for those species. Please note there is no perch which is also suggested by Aubudon. Perches could provide predators and larger birds to invade the inhabidents.     

Hanging Bird House-Stone Clad with Cedar Shake Roof

  • We suggest using just a damp cloth and water to clean this item.

  • This house is approximatley 7 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

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