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Mary Sue is the youngest kid currently to join in the snail races. With a will common to the youngest and smallest she is determined to show the big kids she can compete. Read more in the 'Stories from the underworld' section found on my home page. Mary Sue named her pet racing snail 'Whirlaway' after the 1941 Triple Crown winner. She and her steed are made from Sculpey Premo clays and finsihed with a satin glaze.

ready for your fairy garden or a favorite plant.    

Mary Sue leading the pack!!

  • These creations are part of the ongoing 'Stories from the Underworld' found on the home page here at fairygardens1. Each gnome kid has his own pet snail that they race agaist each other. The snails all have names taken from the winners of the Triple Crown in horse racing. Whiraway won in 1941.   A whimiscal addition to any fairy garden or potted plant. Made from Sculpey clays and real snail shells each is unique. Fun for kids of all ages. 

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