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This air plant holder is in the form of a squid. The air plant included is a 'Juneca'. A unique and one of a kind piece that can be at home indoors or out. A note here is needed on the care placement of air plants. Please see instructions below.   

Squid Air Plant Holder

  • Air plants do not require soil and are very easy to care for. I recommend the website that I use to buy my plants as a place to download an excellent and free booklet on air plant care and their history by Jody James. The site is

    These plants should be submersed in room temperature water ( tap water is ok if you let it sit for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissapate) for at least an hour. Then place the plant upside down to drain completely ( water sitting in the base of the plant will cause it to rot. And a light misting is good once a week especially indoors. If kept outdoors in warm seasons or climates the plants take a bit less care as they will get their water and nutrients from the air. Please read the booklet for more indepth advise.      

  • If upon arrival the plants look a bit haggard that's normal. Give them a good soaking for an hour or two and then shake them dry. They should recover nicely. These little guys are pretty tough. Their biggest issue in my experience is folks overwatering them or keeping them near an AC or heat vent. They like bright light but not direct sun and a humid enviornment. See care instructions. If the plants don't make it even after the best attempts to save them I will replace the plant. Please email me a photo of the plant and I will attempt to replace it with the same spieces.  

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