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With their chores done the two favorite pasttimes of Troll are Mischeif and Reading. Here we see both with Johnny and Billy up to their usual stunts. In this case climbing out the top windows of the Library to get on the roof. And Justin being oh sooo good as usual is oblivious of the goings on above as he is lost in yet another book. Each gable end (the upper sides of the library) have scupted books so everyone knows this is a Library.

'Brick' on the building is entirely hand carved as is the 'Slate' roof. All figures as always are each handmade as are the dormers and benches. All are made of clay.  

Troll Library

  • Any librarian would love this piece. Actually just about anyone who loves a bit of mischeif and fun. A super centerpiece for a dish/fairy garden as well. 

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